“Millennials form a huge part of today’s workforce. Gary’s expertise provided our audience with thoughtful insight on how to utilize their talents for overall success.” Our audience left with a better understanding of the each other and with viable solutions to improve communication in the workplace.”

Cathy Leone
Director of Business Development
Visual Computer Solutions, Inc.
Redbank, NJ

“Our small business has a workforce of over 70 employees with a large proportion comprised of ‘millennials’ who posed unique motivational and accountability challenges. Gary Simmons provided us with a strategic framework designed to set both company and individual employee goals based on a shared sense of mission, flexible communications with our staff, accountability measures and high expectations. Using his approach, we were able to acquire a stronger sense of what our employees hoped for in their individual career progressions, while focusing those goals toward the larger goals of our business more generally. We are seeing healthy progress on all fronts.”

Mark F. Magazu, II, MPA, JD
President & Chief Executive Officer
Saint Francis Veterinary Center

“Gary's informative talk to our organization was entertaining and very informative. His history of the Millennials was eye opening and entertaining. The older generations in the audience gained a better understanding of drives certain Millennial behavior. Gary provided us with manageable “solutions” to help create better communication between all the generations.”

Sharon Czebotar
Chief Human Resources Officer
Livingston, NJ

“As the Executive Vice President of the largest magazine (Parade/22 million households) in the U.S. I understand the need of the Millennial presence in the workforce. It is a challenge that all executives have to deal with. Gary is spot on with his understanding of what makes the Millennial audience energized and desire to be better. He is aware of Millennial trends (positives and negatives) and has the knowledge to explain to Managers how to motivate them and how to manage Millennials for best performance. I have witnessed his speeches---they are terrific.”

“I have a niece (Jourdan) from Bend, Oregon. My niece is a very good student who aspires to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. My niece needed some direction, some focus, some motivation so I had Gary meet with her. Well, he (in one hour) was able to hit and connect on all of these points. Gary was able to reach out and touch Jourdan's very core and make a difference in her life. Gary even brought tears to Jourdan because he had nailed what she needed to get to the next step.

I strongly recommend Gary to speak and/or consult with any company or business looking to improve communication, work culture and Millennial performance.”

Dave Barber- Executive Vice President
2451 Atrium Way, Suite 320
Nashville, TN 37214

“Hey Gary, love your material. It has superb motivational concepts for our young student athletes. Send me any more new stuff you put out - will use! And can you send me more of your books and motivational cards?”

Thanks Gary, you’re AWESOME baby.

Dick Vitale
Renown college basketball commentator/analyst/coach.

“I highly recommend Gary for his experience and professionalism in helping people understand how to improve their overall performance in life. My introduction to Gary was more than 25 years ago as a high school student athlete. I was in the midst of trying to understand who I was and what direction I was going to take in sports.

At 16 years old I decided to forego the traditional high school sports in order to pursue a growing passion for triathlons. At the time I had only competed in a few multi-sport races with mediocre results. However, those endurance races sparked in me a competitive fire unlike any I had experienced before in all my years of athletics. Gary became a guide into both the worlds of triathlon and of personal achievement through a systematic approach to the physical and mental aspects of competing in triathlons.

While Gary’s guidance of my physical improvement was without question top notch, it was second to his teachings of how to strengthen the mind. Gary taught me early on that no matter how strong or fast the muscles in my legs could carry me; ultimately my mind was the X factor.

Gary guided me through simple yet effective lessons in mental imagery that became so refined that I could literally rehearse an entire race, prepare for the “what ifs”, and visualize how I would finish. Because of his guidance, when I lined up at the start of a race I felt as though I was better prepared than every other athlete toeing the line. It then became simply a matter of executing the pre-rehearsed race plan.

The “proof is in the pudding” as they say so how did this manifest itself into related race results; between 1989 and 1994 I finished on the podium of national triathlons 17 times; 7 times as winner within my age group including winning my first attempt at a half ironman 70.3 race and qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships at 19 years old. Gary’s teachings have been and continue to be the basis for many of my life endeavors both athletically and professionally.”

Glenn Humphrey
Licensed P&C Commercial Insurance Risk Advisor, CLCS
Salisbury, MD

“It was very nice to meet with you and hear about the breadth of understanding you have about millennials as well as those who interact with them.”

Amma Napier
Senior training consultant
Human Resources at University of Penn
Philadelphia, PA

“I have known Gary Simmons for over ten years. I’ve listen to his talks on Millennials and the generations many times. He has the most deep understanding of the Millennial behavior and their history. He wrote articles 20 years predicting what managers would be saying about Millennials in the workplace today. But what is best - Gary provides workable solution to enhance employee communication and efficiency. He also provides exercises and techniques to help millennials excel in the workplace. I would highly recommend him to speak at your function or bring him in as a consultant to work with your managers, Millennials, all generations. He will help develop a winning work culture going forward”

Agnes Peraino-Silva, CISA, CGEIT, CRISC
Management Consultant & Advisor
SENGA Technology LLC

"Attending a private school, teachers ingrained the values and work ethic in me, as well as humility in relation to those in higher positions. Transitioning to teach in a public school in a district where many students feel a sense of entitlement simply shocked me.

I’ve known Gary Simmons personally and professionally. His advice served me and can serve others as a resource in helping to bridge the gap between my generation and today's young people. He clearly outlines the reason for this shift in ideology that helps the older generation to understand, which in turn, helps communication between all.."

Dawn Marchetti
History teacher/Cheerleader coach
Kingsway High School, Swedesboro, NJ

“As someone who deals a lot with the millennial generation, I found Gary’s book extremely insightful. Clear, practical, and relevant. I definitely plan on buying these for each millennial in my business and the people who oversee them! It's a great bridge book between generations that helps bring understanding.”

Jimmy Donaruma
Lead Pastor, crossbridge CC
Mullica Hill, NJ

“What you don't know can hurt you. In this case, your kids. Mr. Simmons' insight on the generation growing up today will amaze you. It's given me the tools and knowledge to best cope with what's going on in my daughter's world. This book is a "must have" to excel in parenting!”

Mark Marsicano
American Airlines
Golden, CO

“Gary’s book is a must have book for parents and for kids beginning to think about their futures....this is a new world, a world not like it "used to be" when I was a kid. We wanted our kids to have better but somehow we got it wrong. Now many of our kids have little motivation and no passion. There are solid ideas in this book on how to begin again, how to empower yourself as a millennial to succeed. A wonderful handbook for changing your thought patterns and ultimately your life!!”

Kim Peterson
Philadelphia, PA