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The road to the future is under constant construction. Business leaders must accept and be ready for change, especially today. If you're not evolving with the times, you'll be passed by.

Adapt or be lapped.

Currently business leaders are faced with adapting to generation differences. There's a “culture shock” in the workplace. The generations have different realities. Although they speak the same language, they struggle to communicate and to understand each other.

Creating a winning work culture and a cohesive team for the future will take your best leadership effort.

In addition, you have to adapt your managerial style for Millennials. Their behavior is foreign to the existing workplace. They weren't raised like any generation of the past. Many were brought up by helicopter parents who hoped to swell their children’s confidence and self-esteem levels by lavishly praising and rewarding them for mediocre performance. Even schools lowered the bar so that A’s were more easily attainable and teachers joined in this well intentioned praising frenzy. However, an inflated ego does not always result in competence and can create a false sense of reality. Many enter the workplace expecting more than respecting.

As Millennials pour into the job market, more and more business leaders are posting their concerns about their work behavior. The concerns Simmons predicted would surface in the workplace over a decade ago. Many are asking, “are Millennials entering the workplace prepared for the demands of the workplace?”

It will take a two prong approach to retain, engage, and help Millennials develop.
1. Adapt the workplace to play to their strengths.
2. Help them develop general abilities needed to succeed.

Adapting the workplace for Millennials is part of the answer but keep in mind that Capitalism doesn't adapt for anyone. It still takes old fashion ability to succeed. Millennials are as skilled as any generation entering the workforce, but the environment they grew up in left many short on “abilities” (such as face to face communication, sticktoitness, self motivation, work ethics, competitiveness, passion, team player).

The good news? As with skills, anyone can improve their “abilities.”

Face to face communication is one of the main complaints managers have of Millennials. Millennials are the only generation who grew up texting and posting for communication. Not much need or opportunity to converse face to face, eye to eye. Millennials were conditioned to communicate digitally, but to succeed in business, face to face communication is a requirement. Deals may get started digitally, but deals get closed eye to eye.

In his Reset For Success campaign, Gary Simmons identifies abilities many Millennials may lack due to their environment growing up. And then he uses his unique exercises/techniques designed for Millennials to help them develop abilities quickly.

There's no handbook for merging the generations and motivating and developing Millennials. You're on your own and unless you're part psychologist, even then you'll benefit from Gary Simmons' unique experiences working with Millennials.

Business Consultations

1. Work with management on a plan to cultivate a winning work culture specific to your company.

2. Work one on one with leaders to develop a strategy for managing and developing your Millennials. Simmons will help you implement the subtle adaptations needed to motivate and retain them “without” discriminating against or alienating your loyal GenX/Baby Boomers.

3. Work with Millennials and GenX/Baby Boomers to enhance communication and collaboration with team building activities.

4. Motivate and empower targeted Millennials, individually or in small groups. Main focus is to improve competitive spirit, work ethics, passion, self-motivation, team play and face to face communication.

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