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My Goal

To better prepare Millennials for the workplace and to help companies adapt to the generations and cultivate the winning "work culture" of the future.

The “Great Expectations

The generations have different expectations that often disrupt the workplace. Receive a FREE copy of my
Top 10 “Expectation Differences”

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Millennials will soon make up the majority of the work force. Are you prepared for the dynamics and challenges of the younger generation? Do you have a plan to integrate GenXer's/Boomers and GenY/Millennials into a cohesive winning culture?

By 2020 Millennials will make up over 50% of the workplace.

Let Gary help you develop a winning work culture

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Are you ready for the demands of the workplace? Are you prepared for capitalism? Many business owners/managers are voicing concern about you. They say you have the skills but lack general “abilities.”

Managers say many Millennials are entering the workplace unprepared.

Let Gary help you brush up on your ability to succeed

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Gary inspires students to engage on campus and he assist colleges in developing a curriculum which meets the needs of today's students. As students work on their skills in the classroom, they need to work on their “abilities” outside the classroom engaging in face to face activities.

Colleges must adapt to the younger generation or leave them unprepared for the workplace.

Let Gary help you better prepare students for the workplace

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The Reset Generation: Empowering Millennials To Succeed In The Workplace

The Reset Generation

A “description” first written over 15 years ago by Gary Simmons is now repeated by many to describe Millennial behavior. Gary is a Millennial Pioneer, an authority on the younger generation. He has been motivating, empowering, studying and writing about the younger generation and their parents for decades. He knows their strengths and weaknesses...and knows what makes them tick!