Invite Gary Simmons to speak at your school

Gary Simmons Portrait Gary is on a mission to get students involved in extra-curricular activities on campuses everywhere. Extra-curricular activities exist to complement a university's academic curriculum and to augment student's professional development.

Their benefits are well-documented and students need those benefits more today than ever. Employers are voicing their concerns about graduates entering the workplace lacking specific abilities and so-called soft skills.

And there's no better place than “out of the classroom” on-campus activities to enhance the qualities employees are looking for in a candidate. It takes a combination of skill and ability to excel in a career.

Extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to lead others, to engage in a team atmosphere, to problem solve together, to be accountable, to be responsible and to be self motivated. They help students develop competitive spirit, passion, face to face communication - all the abilities and soft skills that will carry over into their careers.

Interviewers pay close attention to a job applicant's involvement in extra- curricular activities. They know that's where students can develop the abilities they see many lacking today “There's more to schooling than academics,” says Simmons.

But between juggling a full course load, social life and part-time jobs, it's not an easy task to get students signed up and committed. You need help!

And that is where Gary Simmons comes into play

He specializes in communicating to students why they may be lacking these abilities and how engaging in extra curricular activities will help develop them. By the end of his talk they will be convinced and in a short time will be joining your extra-curricular activities in droves!