Gary Simmons Portrait Gary Simmons, Millennial Motivator/Generation Facilitator and founder of the “Reset For Success” campaign, is out to help companies create the “winning work culture” for the future.

What makes Simmons unique as a Millennial expert and generation speaker is that he's a borderline GenX/Baby Boomer who spent much of his career motivating/empowering Millennials through their teen years. He has a deeper understanding of the younger generation because of his “hands on” experience. He knows their history and what makes them tick.

In his first book, Gymbag Wisdom, Simmons introduced some of his time-tested motivation/empowerment strategies that helped teens excel ON and OFF the athletic field. Gary focused on helping young people develop “life skills” as they pursued athletic excellence.

Dick Vitale, renowned ESPN basketball analyst, called Simmons' motivational concepts for young people “superb.” He and other coaches, along with professional athletes gave out Gymbag Wisdom to young people at their camps and speaking engagements.

Throughout the 90's and into the turn of the century, Simmons observed gradual changes in youth behavior. He directly correlated their changes with the new parenting style that began in the eighties and continues today.

As parents replaced unstructured play with structured activities, passed out participation trophies, stopped keeping score, told everybody they were winners, made everybody star students, turned Brown belts into Black belts, etc., Simmons noticed a larger percentage of young people coming through the ranks with less competitive spirit, work ethics, drive, gumption, and passion.

To overcome the new parenting style, Gary had to adapt his approach to inspire and empower, and now he is sharing his advice with business leaders everywhere.

Simmons went on to syndicate a parenting column for Scripps Howard New agency, along with lecturing to parents around the country on long term effects of parenting.

He has always been a facilitator between the generations and predicted over a decade ago the challenges many Millennials would be facing in the workplace today. He coined the term “The Reset generation” years ago, and now it's being used by managers everywhere to describe Millennial behavior.

Simmons, known as the Historian of Millennials, was truly ahead of the curve. And now he sets out to better prepare Millennials for the workplace and to help close the generation gap with his “Reset For Success” campaign.

The Reset Generation: Empowering Millennials To Succeed In The Workplace

In his new book - The Reset Generation: Empowering Millennials To Succeed In The Workplace, Simmons shows them how to reset for success. His over-all message to Millennials – Step up and engage. Be seen, be heard - live the dream.

“The only way to help close the generation gap in the workplace is through EDUCATION. When the generations understand each other's background - empathy will replace frustration. At that point, employees will be more willing to adapt; creating a more efficient team,” says Simmons.

Gary received a Bachelor degree from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and his Master's degree in Health and Human Performance from Ohio University. He currently resides in Mullica Hill, NJ.